About Me

Hello there dear readers, compliment of the season to all of you.

My name is Jennifer Fischer, and I am a mother, a businesswoman, a student, and a learner. I felt a strong push to share my little story with you. The last two years were the very worse years of my life as the hospital almost turned my home.

I had lung infections that made it difficult for me to breathe, sleeping became a nightmare, and walking around became a big problem because it felt like I had a mountain on my chest. When I walked five meters, I felt like I had climbed 10 kilometres mountain, and to top the list, I was very fat like I had never been in my entire life.

While this was happening, I ensured I saw my doctor every day. I did a series of tests, and the doctors couldn’t find anything that led to my chest pains and difficulty breathing.

So, late last year, I decided to stop all my medication but pay attention to what I eat and drink; in the process, I discovered that too much oil intake caused me two years of my life and almost took my life.

Since the day I discovered the cause of my problems, I changed how I eat, and behold, I’m 100% healthy today as I write this story, and my weight is almost normal.

I hope you learn a thing or two from this story of mine cause I know there are many people out there suffering from the same illness as mine.