This Simple Ice Hack Took Me From 210 All The Way To 167!

Ice Hack

Updated March 11, 2023

It was my 57th birthday..I had a big fight with my husband.

He was unhappy with me because he thought I wasn’t doing enough to change my physique.

I was following a strict diet and working out as well. 

Still, it didn’t make much of a difference.

Desperate times call for desperate measures….

So, one fine day, I saw this video about an ice hack…I wasn’t really willing to try it.

But out of desperation…I gave it a go.

And it worked!

My weight was dropping quickly…I was amazed at how effective this ice hack is.

One of my close relatives was shocked to see such a huge difference. 

And my former colleagues were also amazed at my transformation.

Don’t give up on yourself

I never knew I would be able to change my body…

But now I realize that you can change yourself when you seriously want it to change.

It is never too late.

My husband is really happy with me, and I love him for pushing me to be healthy.

I tried so many different things to get myself in shape but nothing worked except for this one.

Go ahead and watch the video!